How to make a Line across your page
How to make text in different colours
How to make text different sizes

A little Harder HTML

How to make background images instead of coloured backgrounds
How to make a link to another page
How to make a link to another page within the same directory
How to make an image on your page
How to make images into links
How to make images different sizes than they appear
How to make text beside an image
How to make text "freestyle"
How to make a link that opens a new browser window

How to make Lines (horizontal rules)

Making a horizontal rule is probably the easiest thing to write in HTML. This is the command for a horizontal rule:

How to make text in different Colours

Changing the color of text is also very simple. Here is the command:
<font face="" size=9 color="">
Here is where you write your text.

The size you can change if you want it bigger or smaller. In between the ""s you put the code of whichever colour you wish to use. Follow this Link to see a list of some color codes.


How to make text in different sizes

There are two ways to make text in different sizes. The first way is explained above in How to make text different Colours. That way is a little more complicated. The way I'll show you here can make the text in 7 different sizes. Here is the script:

This size



This size



is size


This size

This size

This size

When you put text between the <h#> tags then you change the size. h1 is the biggest and h7 is the smallest.

How to make image backgrounds

This is a little more complicated but its still fairly simple. At the top of your HTML document there should be a section that looks like this:
<body bgcolor="" text="" link="" vlink=""> Inbetween all the ""s there will be color codes.
To make your background into a pattern or a picture you first need to have a pattern or picture uploaded into your directory or know the URL of a good background.
Change the command - <body bgcolor=""
To the command - <body background=" the URL of a background file "
For example, the command at the top of your page might look like this: 
<body background="http://www.what.com/what.gif" text="#000000" link="#000000" vlink="#000000">

This would make your background into what.gif (this is just an example it won't actually work). It would make the writing, the links, and the visited links all black.

How to make a Link to Another Page

Making links is VERY easy. Here is the command:
<a href=" the URL of the link ">
For example, to make a link on your page to here it would look like this:
<a href="http://www.geocities.com/sunsetstrip/alley/5615/> 

This will make a link but you won't be able to see it or use it, to make it work you have to put some text in between the command and the command. You have to include the tag at the end of every link or the rest of your page will be the link!

How to make a link to another page in the same directory

Making a link to a page in the same directory as your intitial page is VERY VERY easy. Here is the script to do it.
<a href=" address of page ">  

For Example, here is how I made a link from this page to the page that shows you colors:
<a href="color.htm">


How to make an Image on your Pag

OK, this is also an extremely simple command. It's basically a link but a little different. Here is the script:
<img src=" URL of the image ">


How to make Images Into Links

Making images into Links is as easy as combining the two commands:
<a href=" URL of the link "> <img src=" whatever.gif "> </a>
You have to make sure that the actual Link reference comes before the image. Also the link closing tag has to come last.


How to control the size of your Images

To do this all you have to do is add this into your image command:
width=whatever height=whatever
For example, here it is all together:
<img src="whatever.gif" width=50 height=50> 


How to make text appear beside an image

Have you ever noticed that when you type beside an image the text only starts at the bottom of the pic and you end up with a big empty space? Well, this little addition to the image command will solve that problem:
align=right or align=left 
For example, here it is all together:
<img src="whatever.gif" height=50 width=50 align=right>

You don't need to have the height and width in there. This command will do this:
Hey.. this text is at the top and not the bottom. How convenient eh?


How to make "freestyle" text

Making "freestyle"(in other words, text "as is") text is as easy as making it bold or italic. Here is the script:
Here you put your writing.
This way you can do whatever you want, write song lyrics without them turning into a paragraph, write words in list form, etc.


How to make a link that opens a new browser Window

This is as easy as adding a command at the end of the link command. Here is the command:
For example, here it is all together:
<a href=" URL of place " target=body>

This will open a new window when you make a link, especially useful when making links in chats.


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